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XSPACE is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency ecosystem. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it provides streamlined and optimized cryptocurrency analytics, along with automated transactions through AI-BOTs. It supports the development of Web3 and blockchain services, catering to both investors and project builders.
XSPACE simplifies access to the crypto world, enhances investment performance, and connects you to limitless opportunities
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Addressing Investors' Pain Points

And Crafting Cryptocurrency Solutions

All-in-One: XSPACE - The Simplicity of the Crypto World

Crypto Investors

Delivering a comprehensive experience for cryptocurrency investors by seamlessly integrating and harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to optimize all services within a unified platform.
The AI Trading Bot System, in conjunction with Coin Statistics & Ranking, constitutes a comprehensive toolkit providing you with an all-encompassing solution to enhance your investment performance in the Crypto market.

Crypto Investors

XSPACE offers comprehensive support for enterprise operations, effectively connecting businesses with investors while minimizing operational costs.
XSPACE.FI empowers businesses to save resources and focus on product development. Leveraging services from XSPACE such as marketing, Web3 development, and blockchain services, enterprises can now embark on brand-building initiatives and lay the groundwork for direct fundraising campaigns on XSPACE.

The best features for

Crypto Traders

Coin STAtistic & Ranking

Coupled with an Advanced Coin Metrics, our premium ranking services create a robust toolkit that serves as your trusted companion in the investment decision-making journey.
Say goodbye to the days of relying on conjecture or outdated information. At XSPACE.FI, we take the lead in optimizing profitability through these advanced features.


Through the provision of an integrated tool and development resources alongside integrated APIs, empowers project builders with the capacity to create more effective and inventive blockchain solutions.
This not only accelerates development but also elevates the overall quality and functionality of dApps constructed on the Web3 platform.

AI Trading Bot System

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in cryptocurrency trading.
Enhancing analytical capabilities, automating cryptocurrency transactions, optimizing profits, and creating an efficient and confident trading environment.


The new gateway delivers significant traffic and cost optimization benefits to partner businesses.XSPACE.FI aids enterprises in cost savings and product development while concurrently elevating brand value and bolstering corporate recognition.
Furthermore, our platform offers advisory support and facilitates connections to investment capital.


With Xspace Launchpad, there are no middlemen and no boundaries. We facilitate direct connections between dreamers and their supporters, leveraging the power of blockchain technology to create a seamless crowdfunding experience. Here, you can be part of the future of decentralized crowdfunding, where your contributions directly support the most promising projects, and you become an integral part of their journey towards success

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Sharing Up to of Revenue
Sharing Up to 40% of RevenueRevenue generated from services, projects listed in the whitelist by XSPACE's strategic partners, and direct advertising fees from the platform will be extracted and shared with premium members when they engage in XSP staking on the platform.
Deflationary Token Code
No taxes apply to any $XSP transactions.Designed as a deflationary token, $XSP has been developed with the purpose of incentivizing and promoting growth within the XSPACE ecosystem, and we will regularly burn $XSP to support those who hold $XSP.
AI Trading Bot System
Leveraging AI for rapid data analysis and consolidation.AI Trading Bot: Enhancing investment strategy optimization.As dedicated users of cryptocurrency bots ourselves, our primary focus lies in creating profit-driven bots rather than solely for recreational purposes.
Simplicity and Reliability
XSPACE.FI aspires to be the premier AI platform for cryptocurrency investors, delivering simplicity and convenience in the world of digital assets.We gather and analyze data from various trusted sources to ensure the utmost security for investors.
Quest to Earn
We foster engagement and exploration of emerging projects within the XSPACE ecosystem. Experience the platform through straightforward tasks and substantial rewards, providing you with a entirely cost-free new income stream.

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With an unwavering long-term vision,
we're forging the finest products for crypto investors,
constantly refining and perfecting them
2ND Quater 2023
Unite founding team
UI/UX, Business model
Smart Contract
Platform Testnet
Seed Round
3ND Quater 2023
Airdrop Campaign 1
Whale Wallet Tracker
Gem Explore Bot
Listing Buy Bot
Pre-sale Buy Bot
Platform Mainnet Launch
Private Round
Airdrop Campaign 2
Airdrop Campaign 3
4ND Quater 2023
Social Platform V1
Event Platform V1
Public Round
Big Marketing
Dex, Cex Listing
Update Bots V2
Trading Bot V1
1ND Quater 2024
Scan Smart Contract V1
Booking Calendar V1
Airdrop Platform
More Event and Marketing
Update Bots V3
Trading Bot V2
2ND Quater 2024
Build More Crypto Bots
More CEX Listing
Ecosystem Development

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